Projection Holograms is the next technique of holograms

We have seen a few types of holograms since it’s introduction as a fictional tech in the Star Wars series. Since then a lot of experiments were done trying to achieve a seamless hologram look just like in the movies.

One of the most notable commercial holograms was done during the Coachella in 2012 with the revival of TUPAC.

And then you have the very experimental holograms like the Holovect. Amazing stuff but I believe it is still at its early stage of development.

But what I want to show in this post is projection holograms that tracks your head position and redraws its perspective based on that. These projections also could be considered as an augmented reality.

I have been following Joanie Lemercier (since his days in AntiVJ) and he have been uploading these cool clips on his instagram :

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Make the world smaller

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From his explanation it uses infra-red sensors (Kinect) to detect the XYZ positioning of your body, and the virtual camera of the visuals from the back projection compensates it using the coordinate data produced by the sensors.

So if you move around, you will able to see the side top or bottom of a 3D object.

On a more commercially viable application I have found a product called the HoloLamp. It uses a short throw projector equipped with infra-red sensors to detect our head positions.


I believe hologram have been a very gimmicky tech which nows starting to mature and is becoming Augmented Reality or mixed reality as we know it today.

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