A Chaotic Force

Artwork Title:
A Chaotic Force
Artist Name:
Valery Koh
Video collage
Artwork Year:

A firm believer that everyone should have a creative outlet, Valery Koh (1995) found her truest form of self-expression through analog and digital mixed media collages. “The coming together of somewhat or completely discrete visuals to tell a story” is something that has always attracted Valery to the art form. Her current art practice is collage and animation, focusing on story-telling and self-expression. In the future, Valery hopes to explore topics that go beyond herself. 

This video collage explores the similarities of man-made chaos and natural catastrophe. By using video footage from both phenomenons and blurring the lines, the collage showcased a real yet warped cause and effect. Though spiked from different sources, the outcome is still a chaotic force. 

“The keyword I had in mind whilst working on this video collage was: impact. 2020 has impacted me, my life, the world and my surroundings. More often than not, these impacts conspired in ways that I cannot find words to express nor could I put them in picture – because they are usually felt. I wanted to visualise, illustrate and put a face to both the impact and the feelings they incurred. This piece portrayed both ends of power & weakness, strength & fear, control & losing, victory & consequences – which were the exact reflection of what/how I felt.”