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Kinnara: Desi La
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Kinnara : Desi La resides in Tokyo. A versatile creative prolific as an experimental electronic musician, graphic designer, and 3D visual artist uninhibited by genres continues constructing new realities aurally and visually. Enamoured by architecture and its psychological mapping on the conscience and vice versa, Kinnara : Desi La through creative coding, AI, and 3D software explores the depth of mental and physical cities and landscapes. An architecture of sounds is also an architecture of visions.

Kinnara : Desi La  has been creating a vast work based on the intensity of the spectrum of light and solid reality – CHROMA, a portion of which you can see now in the unity project. The music from which CHROMA derives are current releases YR SEX IS COMPLEX and CHROMA, both available on bandcamp. The first version of chroma will debut this June in the program.

Kinnara : Desi La’s work in creative coding using processing has been acknowledged by New York Live Arts and Arts Electronica. 

This video mapping show aims to take spectators through at a time when people around the world are suffering from the remnants of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic to public health and the economy.

The presentation expresses the joy of nature with the truce he made.

The planet is breathing a sigh of relief, as air pollution has decreased to unprecedented levels, fossil energy consumption has decreased, and the ozone layer has partially recovered.