Drops of Unity

Artwork Title:
Drops of Unity
Artist Name:
Sweet Potato Ball
Digital Illustration & Animation
Artwork Year:

Sweet Potato Ball is a collaboration between two girls (Olivia Ariferiani & Kharlal Nisha) who live to make pretty things, while spending their spare time eating ramen and sushi. 

Oli is a self-taught illustrator who’s currently based in Kuala Lumpur. She draws inspiration from daily observations, turning them into surreal illustrations with a little dose of pop culture. A mix of bizarre imagination and morbid optimism. Delicate lines with bursts of colours.

Nisha is a local artist who expresses her feelings in different mediums, from the written word to music, and playing in 3D space. She believes that art is all about chasing a feeling, that’s always barely there within your reach.

Unity isn’t always easy. In times it can be fragile and elusive. But when people come together, they can flourish, stronger than ever. In Malaysia, we know this all too well. In spite of the sensitive politics that seem to divide us, we unite to overcome any crisis, as seen recently with the Covid-19 pandemic.

That’s why, in this artwork, we want to showcase the fragility of unity through a clear glass teapot, that’s held up by four hands. Four hands that represent diverse people, personalities and cultures. 

Together, the hands pour the teapot’s multi-coloured essence onto beautifully bloomed flowers, with bright, bold colors in its center, surrounded with porcelain petals. Delicate flowers flourishing from seeds of hope and welcome acceptance. In the background, calming music plays. This is unity. This is peace.

Illustration by Olivia Ariferiani

Animation & Music by Kharlal Nisha