Immunity War

Artwork Title:
Immunity War
Artist Name:
Fouad Jader
Artwork Year:

Fouad Jader is a Moroccan multidisciplinary visual artist and event art director. He is a forward-thinker, driven individual with equally strong creative & technical skills. He explores different mediums such as projection-mapping, 3D, event design, illustration, photography, filmmaking, and advertising. As he said, “Design is my playground”.

“This video mapping shows aims to take spectators to witness a time when people around the world are suffering from the spread of the “Covid 19” pandemic. Surely, it has been affecting our public health and economy systems. However, little did we realise that it is also nature’s opportunity to catch its breath. The planet is currently breathing a sigh of relief, as air pollution has decreased to unprecedented levels, fossil energy consumption has also decreased, and the ozone layer has partially recovered…”

– Fouad Jader