Primordial Memory V1.0

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Primordial Memory V1.0
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Machine Learning - Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) and post-editin
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FABU is an artist collective established in April 2019. As a group of artists they are passionate about the concepts of DIY and “maker culture” through desktop manufacturing and “digital fabrication”, or what is known by the term Fab. We believe in physical matters and often experiment with the transcoding of digital data into tangible form.

In order to further encourage people to learn Fab, we started a fabrication cafe known as FabU Cafe located in Bandar Sunway. The space consists of a variety of digital fabrication tools such as laser cutter, 3D printers and digital embroidery machine.Our own artists would create Fab art in the cafe, but we also offer a range of workshops to educate and groom other makers. This informal education emphasizes networked, peer-led, and shared learning motivated by fun and self-fulfillment. Our vision is driven by practical DIY ideas that shall also empower consumers to fabricate anything at their will using digital fabrication techniques.”

Members: Lim Kok Yoong, Tan Kong Cheng (KC), Iffah Hamidah Binti Mohamad Tajul Urus, Samson Yong Soon Xuan, Haziq Azri Bin Ali Shubra Mullisi, Iman Sarahaisha binti Muhamad Azmi

The Pandemic has changed our perception of life. We have always been looking at  the ‘larger picture’ of life such as the universe but we forget the value of microbial  services in supporting as well as destroying life on this planet. To highlight the  interdependence of humans and our microbial counterparts, we explore the  opportunities to revert to the micro lens to look at life at the microscopic level. 

Life at the microscopic scale can be beautiful, strange, intriguing, frightening and even gross. The mapping facade will be converted into a lens for this microscopy experiment. In this visual experiment, we are blurring the line between artificial and  natural, macro and micro, order and chaos, ideological and physiological needs and  even life and death with Machine Learning – generative adversarial network (GAN). 

We are living on the edge at the time of pandemic. Literally this is the time that you  feel that life is doing an edge crush test on you. It is when life pushes us to our limits  it forces us to think about what we want and what we need. The shape of the mapping facade reminds us of Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”, but in reverse order. The pyramid of needs offers order out of chaos. But the hazard of dealing with situations is that we are often trapped on the first and second stage of the hierarchy, satisfying our basic needs and trying to satisfy them for a long long time until we forget what we really want.

To shift our approach, we look at the hierarchy in reverse order by illustrating the reversed hierarchy of “wants” or intentions of creative or self-actualization and returning to a condition of primordiality. We speculate that we might have kept a  primordial memory of existence at the micro level and we direct our visual content  with the following mapping hoping that the experience provides a qualitatively new  type of window in the Universe’s beginning. 

  1. self-actualization: neurotic misery, neuron, synapses
  2. esteem: serotonin, neurotransmitter 
  3. love and belonging: biochemical components, testosterone (lust), dopamine  (attraction), oxytocin (attachment) 
  4. safety needs: bio defence mechanism, immune system, white blood cells 5. physiological needs: water, air, minerals, household materials