Reflection Eternal

Artwork Title:
Reflection Eternal
Artist Name:
Jwohan Lim
Adobe After Effects
Artwork Year:

Jwohan Lim is a graphic & motion design practise based in Penang, Malaysia.  

At first, he started his career as a graphic designer after graduating from college  (majoring in Graphic & Multimedia Design) in 2014–2017. He decided  to explore more about graphic design in different ways following what his strengths as a designer are. It takes time during the process until he finds his passion back in  2020. To him, 2020  was a good time to enhance his works and figure out how to combine graphic and motion work together. There are a lot of motion works done by designers around the world, especially “motion type”, which explores typography. Seeing works shared on Instagram, he became inspired to continue creating his own. 

Jwohan started to create “motion type” works in 2019. He was so obsessed with type  movement and motion which is so fascinating. Since then, he started to  experiment with type in motion through visual, dancing, sound, etc.  

In 2019, Studio Ejin Sha invited him to join a programme called Seni Tiga: As We Go Along by Kongsi KL at Urbanscapes, Kuala Lumpur, in November 2019. That was the first motion project he worked on together with Studio Ejin Sha, and is still his favourite  piece of work until today.

The work adopts the concept of expression through movement. It was created based on word definitions, which are conveyed using movements. It evokes emotions and thoughts by exploring the meanings behind certain elements. This approach is quite similar to visual communication.  

There are a few elements expressed through this work, which are:

  1. 2020 – An exciting year for everyone, we are all ready to embrace the new  journey but we never know what will happen tomorrow. 
  2. DROWNING – A black hole is absorbing all the energy from our mind. We all forget who we really are. 
  3. ENTER THE VOID – A thought to describe our thoughts during night time. For a while, there are a lot of negative thoughts in our mind when we feel so lost about what we do. 
  4. WHERE TO GO – Life: Where do you want to go? Sometimes we tried to  make an attempt on something, but in the end it failed. We have to make a decision every single time. I guess this is a part of adult life. 
  5. ⼈ (human being) – This piece of work is to reflect the current humanity. Unfortunately, the pandemic disease hits the world and now we see what we  see. A lot happened this year. As a human being, what do you think of 2020 and our future?