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Stephan Xie
3D Animation
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Stephan Xie creates work at the intersection of digital arts and live performance, merging the real and virtual through motion to present mixed reality narratives. Using projection to reimagine spaces, he often collaborates with dance, where the body is presented as a canvas for movement. His work with various choreographers finds harmony between the human body’s motion and animation, interweaving physical space with pixel landscape. A Chinese-American born and raised in San Francisco, where he currently resides.

“I have been rooted for the past seven months. Rooted in place. Rooted in time. But it is also a time to reflect on my roots. My identities–those tied to a time and space, whether it is work, school or friends–have merged together inside my room into something I can barely recognize. Individuals are rooted in isolation, trapped behind their screens, and separated from one another–either by six feet or an abstract digital distance. But in this chaos and isolation, we discover bonds in the unlikeliest of places, like a flower blooming from the sidewalk crevice. In unity, let us stay resilient and live beautifully…”

– Stephan Xie