Snow & Ashes

Artwork Title:
Snow & Ashes
Artist Name:
Crystal Jow & Mochi Robinson
Artwork Year:

Crystal Jow (Visual) is a Los Angeles-based experiential media designer that specializes in audience-driven immersive installations and meditative experiences that explore movement and media. 

Crystal believes her art practice provides audiences with the opportunity for self-reflection and the ability to investigate relationships between the planet, self-healing, and the subconscious. She is currently developing new immersive experiences by cross-pollinating her practices of yoga instruction, Reiki healing, meditation with media, and interactive technology. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in experimental animation from the California Institute of Arts and a Master of Fine Arts degree in animation and digital arts from the University of Southern California.

Mochi Robinson (sound) is a musician reigning from Philadelphia, and met Crystal while attending California Institute of the Arts. While usually a performer, and producer of lofi hip hop, the collaborations between the two usually result in an interesting amalgamation of blended genres, both visually and sonically. Collaborations are at the heart of what Mochi aims to achieve, a new sound through collective means.

Mochi Robinson and Crystal Jow designed Snow & Ashes as their submission for UNITY. The concept came to be after Mochi and Crystal started a routine of weekly Zoom calls during the COVID-19 Pandemic. They have been creative collaboration partners for 8 years, although living miles apart for the majority of the time. Currently, Mochi lives in Edinburgh, Scotland whereas Crystal is located in Los Angeles, California. 

In their calls, they talk about their creative process, philosophy, family, politics, and relationships. They find it remarkable how after years of creative partnership, it’s during these unsure times that they have become more connected on a personal level. The concept of Snow & Ashes reflects this idea of being apart yet still connected. While in Edinburgh it’s 7 degrees Celsius preparing for the November snow, Los Angeles is in the middle of fire season at 40 degrees Celsius; the particles in their piece reflect the Scottish snow and the ashes from the California fires dancing together.