Star Pusher Of Relic's

Artwork Title:
Star Pusher Of Relic's
Artist Name:
Andy Wauman (Copy Planet) x Bruce Roberts x Arthur Song
Generative / Code art
Artwork Year:

This work was realised as a collaboration between artist Andy Wauman, musician Arthur Song, and computer engineer Bruce Roberts as part of a project called ‘Copy Planet’.

My name is Andy Wauman (Instagram: @copyplanetdotxyz & @andywauman). I’m a Belgian  born contemporary artist, currently living in Indonesia. My work consists of sculptures, paintings,  drawings, installation art, books, sound art, and films. The foundation of all my work is poetic  language. I have a record label, ‘Gebo Recordings’ in which I invite other artists to work together  on a limited release album on vinyl. The results are often used during performances. My recent project ‘Copy Planet’ was born during the pandemic, and is now an ongoing virtual art project / module / playground. It is an explorative adventure into finding new ways of creating and showing art. Through this platform, I started exploring the possibilities by collaborating with artists that work in the digital realm.”
-Andy Wauman

Arthur Song is a Kuala Lumpur based sound designer, music producer, and teacher. He spent his formative years in Australia, and has been playing music and producing for most of his life. He has worked with the likes of Red Bull Music and Bottega Venetta, as well as having toured around the world extensively with his “Whitebear” project, performing at events and festivals in over 18 countries in North and Central America, Europe and Oceania. Currently he has taken a step back from touring and performing and is focusing more on teaching, content creation and creative projects. Arthur is particularly fascinated with the degradation of sound, the immersive nature of soundscapes and its ability to transcend both the concept of time and space. He draws his inspiration from brutalist architecture, tape machines, dystopian themes and the human condition.”
-Arthur Song

“My name is Bruce Roberts ( Instagram: @canvas.51 ) and I’m studying computer engineering. At around  12 years old, I developed a passion for programming and have been doing so as a hobby ever  since. Programming is how I express the beauty I see in nature and in mathematics. While I work  towards my degree I’m exploring my creative side through procedurally generated art. I hope my  work inspires and reinforces people’s appreciation for the patterns found in nature.”
-Bruce Roberts

The work relates to the concept of the Big Bang. The idea that the universe began as just a single point, then expanded and stretched to grow as large as it is right now. It also relates to  the concept of matter arising from consciousness rather than consciousness from matter; concepts derived from “The Obsolescence of Identities”. First the vision arrives in the mind’s  eye / third eye / the imagination. It would then be traditionally transferred to paper. However, nowadays it can be transferred to a digital 3D reality to further crystalize the idea before becoming validated. Lastly, it would be physically created. I thus see the Big Bang as a subset of the idea of consciousness manifesting into physical reality as the Big Bang is a creation born of consciousness that exists only in the Western cultures. 

Star Pusher Of Relics’, 
Is the result of a collaboration between contemporary artist Andy Wauman, new media artist Bruce Robert, and sound designer Arthur Song, as a part of the ongoing Copy Planet Project.