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Dé Fusion
Video manipulation
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Dé Fusion is a post-metal band from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, established in the year 2014. The band’s current line up consists of Faeroz Khan, Firdaus Hamid, Shukrie Aziz and Faris Mohamad. In recent years, they have conceptualized their live performances with stage theatrics such as lighting and visuals by Faris Fitri and Kadir intended for leaving the audience with an experience that captivates both visually and aurally.

Dé Fusion (pronounced as “diffusion”) refers to the process of resonance intermingles, producing a kinetic energy of structure and turbulence.This concept has shaped how they approach their music”

“Their passion and honesty translate emotions into sound. Dé Fusion is a bipolar merge of graceful ambience and distortion. A balance of chaos and tranquillity, with beauty in between.”

The concept of this art piece is to serve the audience with a subtle message. This particular artwork is created within an inverted triangle. The inverted triangle consists of 3 different layers that resembles a hierarchy of what is most important; the most important at the top, and the least at the bottom. This projection was created from the song entitled Turncoat by Dé Fusion. The soundtrack was inspired by the struggle of everyone encountering the pandemic situation, hence speaking as a unity for having high hopes while seeking a solution.

“We used the glitch effect in this work, as we appreciate the presence of flaws or errors in old images. We relate this appreciation towards imperfection with our current situation, where we are all expected to follow a “new discipline” or the “new normal” that defines what is wrong or right”

– Dé Fusion