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Recorded Real Time Video + Post Production
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The Shaders (Jean-Baptiste Sachsé)
The collective excels at conceiving tailored-made, live in situ performances, which reveal a transmedial synaesthetic visual language. Thus placing the audience at the heart of their performance, The Shaders create a phenomenological experience, epitomising the collective and societal dimension of the festive party spirit that inspires their creations. The Shaders’ ephemeral and singular approach literally embody the uniqueness of the on-going celebration and the resulting sense of communion. 

In search of the emotional effects of sound; they influence our perception of time and space, manipulating the sound textures. Their sound works as a memorial snapshot. An introspection that mixes sensations and emotions. This is illustrated by libraries of sound samples, filtered, processed and mixed with analogue synthesisers. 

Unity represents elements that unite us despite things that tear us, through the intersection of structural elements mapped on a surface.

It introduces in a 60-second video, a moving relationship between an organic cellular shape with an atomic scale and an architectural plane with geometric square shape. The elements are based on a 3D environment of structured lights and shadows. Unity is a recorded session from a real-time generated video software (SMODE).

“This film was executed following my interpretation of the Unity theme. My inspiration gathered studies from sciences, architecture and my experiences in building visuals through improvisation in the process.

In these tumultuous times, I wanted to highlight the fact that we are united as human sensients, by our biological process (through cells). We are also united with architecture and shapes, lights and shadows, stillness and motion at the cultural level, fears and hopes.

The process of making this artwork was using real-time software to be able to iterate scenes and render. Finding equilibrium between the quality, the complexity and the smoothness of the motion. It relates art and technology. The work was executed in black and white…”

-Jean-Baptiste (The Shaders)