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Subjeck Matter
Motion Graphic, Projection Mapping
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Subjeck Matter is a group of designers, film-makers based in Bangkok,Thailand, consisting of Puchong Urassanan and Warissara Anusasananun. They took off in 2015 and started using their expertise to help small brands & companies promote their business in creative ways. Their strong talent lies in motion graphics, which they also use to create art. 

“The concept of the work ‘UNMUTED’ began by seeing and experiencing the long-standing injustice of the society that became more obvious during the Covid-19 pandemic. We saw the world responding to it in an irresponsible way, burdening problems and blaming eachother. After all, ordinary people (citizens) are the ones who suffer most during these times. 

When we saw the sculpture of the work as an upside-down pyramid, it reminded us of the class differences in our society. What we would like to communicate through this work is that no matter how serious a problem is, it is still important for the ruling power to listen to the voice of its people. We think that citizens of every nation deserve to be heard…”

-Subjeck Matter