We Are Of All The Same Bones

Artwork Title:
We Are Of All The Same Bones
Artist Name:
Zafree Azhar
Digital Visualisation – Algorithmic Dynamics Artwork
Artwork Year:

Zafree Azhar (b. 1998) is a Malaysian-born Architectural Designer (Part. 1) and a starting self-taught visual artist, who explores beyond the perception and  understanding of the Earth, observing humans and nature while he questions the  themes of living existence that surrounds him. 

Recently graduated Bachelors in Architecture at MARA University of Technology  (UiTM), Malaysia where he was nominated for one of architecture’s prestigious awards, the Bronze Medal in the 2020 RIBA President’s Medals. His works are drawn up by processes and pursuits of examination though what is larger than the meaning  and anatomy of life. His works are like studies upon his impression and thus, begins  his journey of experimentation and documentation of his exercise and translations. 

Zafree Azhar’s visual impression is considered metamorphosing, somewhat away  from being definitive, it can range from questions of society, the human species,  creatures and organisms, nature and themes of life and death while he romanticise to triangulate everyday things, whatever joy brings and what melancholy brings. 

He is a curious and creative interdisciplinary architectural agitator as well as a  practitioner in relation to where he explores the new, to further evolve in his  architectural and artistic endeavour. 

“Here’s to the virtue of existence and Godspeed in being human”

We Are Of All The Same Bones – derived from the anatomical expression of human anatomy. It is constructed and performed, in dynamics, by the abstraction of  our bones. 

Beneath us, we are but the same, the same bones in how we breathe, how we eat,  how we survive, how we smile, how we dance, how we grieve, how we live. 

This ” Expression ” demonstrates that we, as a union, can perform in harmony and  by the same language. A language that lies in between our flesh. The same set of  languages in all of us. We, as humans with different multicultural differences lie but the same datum of our life – our bones with our own souls.

This visual representation is also encoded as a message in which an event of an  intellectual xeno-species might be encountered. 

Coruscate a strobe of light – a Morse code ( .– . / .- .-. . / …. ..- — .- -. ) that deciphers – We Are Human