Whatever it is

Artwork Title:
Whatever it is,
Artist Name:
Alya Hatta
Single Channel Video
Artwork Year:

Alya Hatta (b.1999, Malaysia) is a multi-disciplinary artist studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London. She delves into the complexities of the ‘individual’, using introspective devices in self- confessional artwork, focusing on the mysticism behind relationships and drawing on the mundanity of present everyday life and culture. Often inspired by the iconography of the Renaissance throughout her work, the artist is drawn towards objects and people in a manner that emphasises the importance of artefact and storytelling. These stories gravitate around ideas of imperfect memory and the intimacy behind familial andinterpersonal relations. In an attempt to situate her work in the age of contemporary art, Hatta investigates the history of artmaking and visual culture, primarily through subverting the traditional academy processes of creating. This can be seen in her disregard towards drawing, form and perspective as well as her continuous investigation into integrating traditional and digital mediums.

Whatever it is, is a direct response to the era of the pandemic, how we cope with current times and what our future could entail. It plays off of the dysfunction of the present by combining a group dance sequence with a host of discombobulated text and visual and audio clips intended to disorientate. These scenes are derived from emotional responses to self-isolation, the realisation of our dependence on the internet and speculation about what direction a pandemic could push our world into. The video features a UK Covid-19 compliant group of 6 (including the viewer) performing a dance sequence referenced by popularised dance moves and daily routines to elicit a satirical and false sense of unity and positivity that is heavy in today’s online and offline atmosphere.