Break The Bias

A gender equal world is one that is better for everyone. Envision it together with 8 pathfinding artists, and experience their vision of a world free of bias, streotypes, discriminations, and a celebration of all our individual identities.

The Arteon Collection

Volkswagen is pleased to present Accelerated Futurescapes, a groundbreaking exhibition of NFT art presented in a virtual gallery, curated by Filamen in collaboration with No-to-scale*. Inspired by the Volkswagen Arteon R-Line, Accelerated Futurescapes offers a digital exploration of the relationship between the car and imagined spatial futures, oscillating between abstract and fictional imagery.


This project revolves around the idea of a monument as an object that holds and preserves a collective memory. It challenges the conventional belief that a monument has to be built by the state. UNITY brainstorms ways that a monument could be initiated by creative players as a remembrance of what people experience together. As a phenomenon that affects all countries, the pandemic has had a worldwide impact on our society as a whole.