Rainforest in the City 2019

An audio visual & light festival in conjunction of Rainforest World Music Festival 2019

Sarawak Tourism Board have given us an opportunity to organised an audio visuals & lights festival to celebrate the Rainforest World Music Festival happening annually in Kuching, Sarawak. We have work with local artist to produce 4 main installation:

Tree of Life
Light Balls
Tunnel of Life
Forest Mapping

The events running for 10 days leading up to the Rainforest World Music Festival weekend. This will give local and international festival goers experience RWMF before and after the main festival. RITC also enable a smaller platform for local indie music artist to showcase their talent. The project strengthen the bond between west and east Malaysia and we hope more project like this happening in the future.

  • ClientSarawak Tourism Board & Ministry of Tourism Sarawak
  • Date2 - 11 July 2019
  • CategoryExhibition

Forest Mapping

Our first ever projection mapping onto an organic stucture, the idea it to make forest looks fun and entertaining at night as suppose to grim and scary, the use of projection and bright color brings people near to the forest and enable them to enjoy  forest at night.

Tree of Life

A light installation to bring up the tree to life at night. Using LED light and also fiber optic light the trees is a great photo op area to get an Avatar like vibes.

The Balls

A light installation to mimic the stars & constellations. Those are the views you see when you look up to the sky at night. With this installation it brings bright dotted start that you see up in the sky right next to you. Perfect for a little family picnic and a chill out area.

Tunnel of Life

A light installation right at the middle of the area, this interactive light installation is done by a collaboration with local new media team – Titik Buta. This project proves that there is artist everywhere and if given right opportunity they can showcase their work really well. The installation was one of the most instagrammable picture through out the festival.

Immersio 3.0